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Ritenour Middle School

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Ritenour Middle School

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The current Ritenour Middle School property is the site of the original Ritenour High School. Bond issues were passed in 1921 and 1923 to fund the building. The original Ritenour High School opened for the 1924-25 school year.

With completion of the current high school in the late 1940′s, the building became Ritenour Junior High School. In 1981 it joined Hoech in becoming one of the district’s two middle schools when sixth graders moved in from the elementary schools and ninth graders were assigned to the high school.

Upon passage of the 1990 bond issue, the section of Ritenour Middle built in 1923 was demolished. In May of 1991 a contract was approved to replace the demolished portion with an enlarged addition.

A 2002 bond issue allotted $3,000,000 to Ritenour Middle, including $1,850,000 for constructing a new cafeteria. The former cafeteria space was converted into classrooms and instructional space.

Ritenour Junior/Middle School has had five principals, with John Johnson serving the longest for 23 years from 1956-79. Kenneth Roumpos is the current principal.

Middle School in St. Louis, MO

The mission of Ritenour Middle School is to prepare our students to become positive and productive members of society. Education is a lifelong process in which the home, community and school actively participate in building the necessary skills for this p

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